Answer the following questions in complete sentences and attach them to your report (typed). These will be collected with your excel sheet report for a grade.

  1. How many calories do you require each day (recommended amount), and do you eat more or less than you need? (3 pts) I like 73% of calories and I think I
  2. Would you consider your diet to be healthy or unhealthy? Why? Explain. (3 pts)
  3. What is the total number of calories you consumed each day? Do you think that 2000 calories/day is a reasonable amount for you to eat? Why or why not? (2 pts)
  4. Did any of your categories exceed 100%? If so, which ones? Could any of these be harmful? Why? (3 pts)
  5. Which of the food items contained the most and the least amount of saturated fat? Use the following link in addition to the website you used, if you need more specific information. (3 pts)
  6. Which foods contained the most calories for the fewest nutrients? Which packed the most nutrients per calorie (vitamins and minerals, complex carbs …)? Use the link above and the website you used for your original research. (4 pts)
  7. Are you significantly deficient in any nutrients? What food(s) could help you make up this deficit? (3 pts)
  8. Are you going to change your diet because of this lab? Why or why not? If you are going to change it, how are you going to change it so that your diet improves? (3 pts)
  9. What long term results could arise from a diet (include major consequences and medical conditions): (18 pts)
    1. Too high in
i. calories
ii. saturated fat
iii. cholesterol
iv. sugars and carbohydrates
v. sodium
    1. Too low in
i. Fiber
ii. Vitamin A
iii. Vitamin D
iv. Vitamin C
v. Iron